Monday, September 7, 2009

South Africa athletics coach resigns because of Caster Semenya Sex Storm

Before her Gold Medal win in Berlin, Germany, Caster Semenya underwent sex examinations, said former South African athletics coach on Monday, after quitting because of the sex storm.
Prior to arriving in Berlin, Caster was asked to go to a clinic in Pretoria to undergo some gender tests, but these tests were really not explained to her properly. Caster was told she was simply going to undergo a normal urine and blood test. In reality the test she had to go through was a gender test.
Wilfred Daniels alleges that the ASA and IAAf had both made a mess of the entire situation. This mistake has caused an outrage in the country of South Africa. Daniels says that Caster was put in a very bad position where she had to endure what she endured simply because she was not briefed properly. No one properly explained the situation to her or helped her anticipate what she might be confronted with once arriving in Berlin. Daniels resigned over the entire repulsive handling of the matter. In closing, Daniels said, "We did not handle Caster properly. The handling of the issue was atrocious."

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  1. And now the question is, whom do we blame on Caster's gender storm, Deborah Patta of E-news revealed that, the South African Association of athletics Chairperson was warned about the implications of Caster's gender testing. All we know is that Caster is going through trauma and yet no one want to take the blame.